Ricky Reina and John Wilson, The Atlantic Avengers

Ricky Reina and John Wilson, The Atlantic Avengers departed from Cadiz, Spain yesterday on Tuesday 27th November 2018 at 7.23am on the Columbus Challenge quest rowing to the Caribbean Island of Antiqua which will cover a distance of 3800 miles of the Atlantic Ocean.  Already these men have settled into a good steady rowing routine and at this time on Wednesday 28th they are well on their way across the busy shipping lanes.  There is also the factor of currents in this part of the Gulf of Cadiz which are not easy to contend with and they will be pleased to make more predictable waters soon.  These incredible people are challenging themselves with this gargantuan test to raise money to support many good causes which will help young people and they have set up a trust for well wishers and interested followers of this amazing challenge can make their donations to   ‘The Atlantic Avengers Trust’

Leven Brown Adventure is supplying the technical support, routing and weather forecasting for the Columbus Challenge